PILGRIM INTERNATIONA  is empowering young women with skills and opportunities that help them cope with the challenges they face living and growing up in Moldova.  Moldova’s high unemployment level, lack of a  fair education  system and low wages makes young women from rural areas easy prey for traffickers or ruthless employers.  Our mission is to educate, support and coach young people in their aims and dreams.  A Girls Academy opened up in 2017 and the first 40 young girls finished the first course in 2018. A new group has started in 2019


Summer camps for less fortunate kids take place every summer. More that 600 kids and youth had a summer camp experience in 2019. Children from small villages whose parents cannot afford to go on holiday, were offered free tickets to a week of camp with good food a swimmingpool and lots of games and a fantastic christian program. PILGRIMS INTERNATIONAL  have been running these camps for 20 years


PILGRIMS INTERNAITIONAL  offers housing and a safe enviroment for young women under educaton. Two centers fucntion for this porpuse. Pilgrim safehouse that gives young women from vulnerable situation permanent of temporary housing in a safe house or accommodation in our private Christian dorm.  In both cases our students take part in many exciting extra curriculum activities. Keeping young lives away from trafficking is not just about safety, but also about being able to make good and healthy choices. It is all about  knowing your worth and reaching your goals by not giving up and not being afraid of asking for help and support when life gets tough




With freezing temperatures the winter is an ordeal for many people in the small villages. Especially the old and sick are in desperate need of aid. Pilgrims International gives out 100 tons of help each winter in form of coal and food. The parcels and sacks with coal are delivered out to each home and a team of volunteers from church is doing a great job making sure that each home is encouraged and left warmer and better than when they came