Teen Challenge Moldova

Pilgrim International  has helped to establish a rehab center in the north of Moldova. This center has reached out to drug addicted and alcoholics for more than 10 years. It is a beautiful ministry operating in the frame work of Teen Challenge. The center is both for men and women and one of the only real programs in the north of Moldova for people struggling to get out of addiction. The center is mostly fully booked and has the policy never to refuse sincere people to join the program. It is fath-based and completely dependent on Gods provision and faithfulness..

Jura is the daily leader of the farm. His vision is for the farm and diary product to develop  This is first of all securing a good and rich diet to the many students who  undergo rehabilitation and often come to us from prison or even hospitals.   Secondl the products are sold and is a stable income to the budge and a help to pay the many bills of running the center

Teen-Challenge is a proven program that has helped thousands of people out of addiction through out the wold.  The student in the program are given very practical and useful tools to change their livestyles and habbits.  The program is based on the bible and Gods view on every person to be unique and of great value. it builds up character and deals with attitude issues and the cause of addiction. 


Apart from the therapy the students are taking part in the daily work on the farm. This is for many their first encounter with manuel labor and helps to give new structure and rutine to their daily life.