Moldova is - according to international studies - a primary source country for women being trafficked. It is especially young women from rural areas who are targeted. We have seen this firsthand and know that it can be stopped. 

Young girls finishing school at children homes are often sent back to the families they were taken from without any follow-up on their situation. Often young teenage girls are left alone with a grandmother or and older sibling while parents have left for work abroad. These girls are easy targets and often end up in desperat situations.

We can offer young girls under education housing, care and support while teaching them healthy lifestyle skills and building up their self-esteem. We have seen many young lives restored and the love of Christ transforming their minds and lives.

Pilgrim house a safehouse

PILGRIM HOUSE was opened in October 2015. The house is a pioner project and we see the need for more such shelters for young vulnerable women.  Our aim is always to reach out to the whole family and we have seen several mums come through our rehabilitation program. Some of our young girls have gone back home and are now reunited with their parents. Others are still part of our family and growing in maturity. We love to see how they develop into great people and know they will reach their full pontential


Reaching out to the 28 villages sorrounding us is a big task. Finishing the 1st shelter we realised how great the need for this minitstry is. We have with help from friends bought the second half of the second floor in this building. This is 250 m2  and we will be able to take more young girls in, needing  of shelter. We have good cooperation with the local regional council and often contacted  and asked to help. We loók forward to have the place up and running and able to give even more young women and opportunity for education and development in a safe environment. We want to STOP the flow of young lives into destruction.